06 Feb 2017

Thousand Visitors Enlivened Telkom University’s booth

JAKARTA, TELKOM UNIVERSITY – More than 4,000 visitors enlivened Telkom University’s booth in the event of “26th Indonesia International Education & Training Expo 2017” at JCC Senayan Indonesia, Thursday-Sunday (2-5 / 2/17). The majority visitors were students from SMA / SMK / MA Class XII and searched the information about new student admission and Scholarships From Telkom University. The visitor’s enthusiasm proofed by the runs out of thousands brochure within matter of hours.The consulting table also full of students, teachers, and Parents who curious about Telkom University. Riska, was one of the visitor from Tangerang Banten on Saturday (02.04.17) who looking for information about new students admission and scholarship. “My senior also study in Telkom University and always post something interesting about the campus, I feel curious and want to study at the same place,” she said. She expressed her interest by deciding to the Written Test 1 that will be held in 36 LOCATION Across Indonesia, on the upcoming Sunday (02.12.17). The three participants with highest score will receive full Scholarship from Telkom University. According to the Head Office of the National Admission Telkom University, Sri Widaningsih, a good opportunity to place in Telkom University is the early year, before the Academic Year starts. At that time, the quota favorite study programs are still available.”Last year, the enrollment reached 26.000 people, but only accept 6.000 lucky students. So, sooner is better,” Sri said. *** (PR)

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