21 Mar 2016

Three FEB Students Selected to Participate at JENESYS Program 2.0

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Three students from School of Economics and Business Telkom University (FEB Tel-U) was elected to became representatives of Telkom University, to participate in a student exchange program organized by Ministry of Foreign Affairs Japan. The program titled Jenesys 2.0 (Japan-East Asia Network of Exchange for Student and Youth) with a special batch for Economics and Business, held at 8-15 March 2016 in Tokyo, Japan.

The three students are Tariq Yunus Rizky (MBTI Studies Program), Shielda Fahreisa Ranie (MBTI-International Studies Program), and Annisa Sari Utami (Accounting Studies Program). They are elected by the Embassy of Japan based on recommendations from each studies program which includes the score of grade point average (GPA), TAK points and TOEFL scores.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Japan held this youth exchange program (Japans Friendship Ties Programs) to improve the understanding of Sakura country. On this year, the program was attended by approximately 5,700 youth which were selected from various countries in Asia, Oceania, some states in United States and also Europe.

During the program of JENESYS 2.0, three students of Tel-U is prepared to join some activities such as Company Visit to Tokyo Stock Exchange, visit Ehime Prefecture – one of territory at the State of Japan), courtesy visit to local governments and several historic sites in Japan and have an opportunity to homestay in Japanese society along one full day.

As one of the Tel-U representative, Yunus expected that it can inspire other students in Telkom University to excel the alma mater and bring the good name of Tel-U and Indonesia. “Especially I could implement a positive Japanese culture for myself and my surroundings, for example, the discipline hard work culture,” he said. (Purel / BRR / Yunus).

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