23 Dec 2013

Improving Quality of Education TASS Tel-U held Workshop upon Developing Vocational Education

BANDUNG TEL-U– Telkom Applied Science School (TASS) of Telkom University (TEL-U) held workshop upon developing vocational education in the Multimedia Room of TASS on Monday (23/12/2013). This workshop was attended by the Dean and Vice Dean of TASS, department head, D3 chairman, and lecturers of D3 program from evaluating curriculum and certifying quality teams in Telkom University environment. This workshop presented Dr.Ir. Era Purwanto from PENS as its speaker.

  “In vocational education, there must be evaluation on the learning program associated with students’ competences,” Era said. She added that Diploma III is not to continue to Strata 1 otherwise to work. So, the most important thing in vocational program is competences.

  As one of Tel-U faculties, TASS continues to develop and improve its quality even add diversification of education program. The materials presented in the workshop are the differences between vocational education and non-vocational one, the main characteristics of vocation curriculum, developing curriculum for vocational education, managing and developing students’ activity in the institution of vocational education, and the last, research characteristics in the field of vocation. KOMPRO TEL-U/Risca

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