10 Oct 2016

“Waste” Lead Student of Communication Studies Tel-U Crowned as Second Winner of National Writing

Bandung, Tel-U – Ni Made Anidya Jati, a student of Communication Studies Program School of Communication and Business Telkom University (FKB Ikom Prodi Tel-U) crowned a second winner in the National Level Writing Competition organized by PT. Semen Gresik, Tbk. Writing competition with the theme “Strengthening Indonesia’s Independence” was held from 3 to 31 August 2016 and the winners were announced on September 7, 2016.

On this competition, Anidya select a sub theme of “If I were the richest man in Indonesia, what would I do?” Through the sub-theme, Anidya took “waste” as a topic. Anidya said Indonesia’s waste becomes a problem and the utilization of waste only limited as waste recycling. Moreover, the plastic waste is also just often sold to the scavenger and the results are far from enough. “That’s why I put forward the idea called ‘trash exchange’,” said Anidya.

Trash exchange urge people to redeem the existing waste with existing promos, such as redeemable for flights, latest gadgets, and so forth. Besides that, the money from the waste exchange can be accumulated to spend later.

Anidya explained her idea was inspired from one of the waste bank found in Bali. In the waste bank, one bottle of mineral water in exchange for money of Rp. 50.00. “With the results of the public exchange is little desire to exchange the trash also is not great,” he said.

For that Anidya expected that if the waste was collected and redeemed can be accumulated in the higher prices. “Waste is a lot and how to turn that waste into something which invite the prosperous for our country,” said Anidya. (Purel / EAD)

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