16 Mar 2021

Women and the City: An Exhibition of FIK Women Lecturers

BANDUNG, Telkom University – In commemoration of International Women Day, female teachers of the Telkom University Creative Industry Faculty held an exhibition of women works Merah Delima X HEI 2021. Entitled “Women and the City” this event was held virtually through the ZOOM Meeting on Monday (15/03).

This exhibition was held at the Idealoka Telkom University Gallery. This is the second Red Delima exhibition which was previously held in December 2020. This exhibition displays 41 works consisting of embroidery, sculpture, photography, illustration, poetry.

Ira Wirasari said that the purpose of holding this exhibition was so that female teachers at the Creative Industry Faculty of Telkom University could inspire the nation’s future generations through their works.

“The theme of this second exhibition carries the noble values ??of HEI culture, namely Harmony, Excellence, and Integrity. We also hope that through this event, friendship and collaboration among female teachers in the School Of Creative Industry and Telkom University, in general, can be warm and solid, “She said.

The work produced by these female teachers takes the theme as one of the noble values ??of the HEI culture. This is intended to be able to interpret the values ??of HEI in life.

“Not just memorizing it, but how do we have an appropriate interpretation and apply it in our daily lives.”

This event was officially opened by Dr. Rina Pudji Astuti, M.T., as Deputy Rector for Research, Innovation, and Cooperation. He gave great appreciation to the organizers of the event.

“As the 2nd Red Delima women work exhibition, the theme raised, namely Women and the City, really touched us. One of the roles of women in Telkom University is to maintain, develop and also inspire the character of this HEI, “She said.

Dr. Rina Pudji Astuti also explained that character can not only be conveyed through the knowledge taught in class but what is important is that there are examples as role models. This will be an example for the nation’s future generations.

This event presented a well-known poet and curator, Noorca M. Massardi. Noorca said that the theme raised at this exhibition is closely related to today’s world.

“Women and cities are two things that cannot be separated, women cannot be separated from cities and cities cannot exist without women. So the theme is very interesting and from the works that appear at this exhibition, it can be seen that the female teachers from the Creative Industry Faculty are very polite, maybe because they take values ??from Harmony, Excellence, and Integrity, “She said.

Noorca also said that through the works displayed at this exhibition, according to her, women seemed to have made peace with the city and had united without any resistance. Women and the City coexist together in the works that are produced.

“This exhibition is very interesting and I think it should be continued, happy exhibiting.”

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