05 Jun 2018

Telkom University Student Won the IoT Competition

Bandung – In Electrical Engineering Days event held by School of Electrical Engineering and Informatics Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB) and ITB Elektrotechnical Students Association, Telkom University students won 2nd place in the competition event.

The competition was the Internet of Things Challenge (ICC) which was held on 22-24 May. Satrya Budi Pratama, who is a student of Faculty of Informatics (2015) of Telkom University was accompanied by Ibrahim Hasan (Engineering Physics 2015) and M. Arif Putra H (Computer Systems 2017) raised the topic of Renewable Energy Hybrid IoT and Intelligent System based.

Satrya explained, in this ICC category participants are given 2 days to apply the system which will be built from scratch.

“Teamwork is really needed in this competiton. Initially we doubt that our system can work as expected and this is the first time the system is built and has not been tested and assessedbefore. While other competitors have been researching in advance so that the test data is ¬†attached during the presentation in front of the jury, “he explained when interviewed through an instant messaging application.

ICC is participated by various universities in Indonesia, including UNPAD, STMKG, University of Jember, Universitas Brawijaya, UNSOED, UGM, and Telkom University.

“Thank God we are able to finish the system well and optimistic and succeeded to win 2nd place. This experience is very valuable for us to improve teamwork and trigger the skill in making system and application,” said Satrya.