03 May 2018

Telkom University Students Won Network Competition

Telkom University Students re-incised achievement, this time the students from Faculty of Electrical Engineering 2017, Espinal Adrinaldi successfully bring the title of 2nd Winner at Unity Network Computer Competition (NCC) at Yogyakarta State University.

Espinal explained how he joined this competition until winning is not easy, stage 1 selection was done online, followed by the selection of building a network using Cisco Packet Tracer and its reports online.

“On the online selection, it remained 10 people from hundreds of participants to be able to attend and compete directly at the State University of Yogyakarta. I followed three sessions, namely Troubleshooting network, Build Network, and presenting the results of sessions 1 and 2. “He said when interviewed.

Some competitors from other universities who successfully qualified for the final include Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta State University, Telkom University, Gunadarma University, State Polytechnic of Semarang, STMIK Widuri, Diponegoro University, Meta Industry Polytechnic.

According to Espinal, the heaviest competitor is STMIK Widuri, because it is a trainer from IDN is a company engaged in the field of IT.

“I admit it is quite heavy, but thanks to years of practice in networking computer, I can successfully compete and incise achievements,” he explained.