10 May 2019

Telkom University Students Received Plenty Muslim Fashion Awards

BANDUNG, Telkom University – Student from Faculty of Creative Industry Telkom University (FIK Tel-U) through the Textile Craft Study Program won 1st, 2nd, and favorite champion at the Muslim Fashion Festival (MUFFEST) 2019 on May 2 2019, at the Jakarta Convention Hall.

On this annual competition organized by Indonesian Fashion Chamber (IFC), 12 Telkom University designers managed to set aside 300 participants and were included in the 15 finalists in the Modest Young Designer Competition (MYDC) category.

Tel-U students who won the champion include Dyah Ayu Wulan as 1st Winner, Cut Eriva as 2nd Winner and Hanifah Laylatul as Favorite Winner.

Initially, Wulan joined this competition because of the roadshow which held in Telkom University and then registered by sending sketches and concept designs.

“After registration, the participants have 1 month to choose a concept that will be applied into clothes, then also join the coaching program about to make clothes from 80% of the concept.

Wulan explained that the theme of her own design was inspired by her hometown, Kerawang.

“I chose the Morade theme which stands for Rawa Gede Monument in Kerawang, the idea itself originated from the city of Kerawang which is known as an industrial city. I founded that Kerawang not only an industrial city but also a historic city that has value and must be appreciated.

“Wulan added that the design itself took the monument and made it as her collection.

“I got inspiration from the geometric silhouette of the building, besides that, I was also inspired by the colors, as well as the motifs and patterns of the building itself.”