01 Aug 2019

Dozens of Tel-U Students With Creativity Station Program Giving Solutions to the Community

BANDUNG, Telkom University – For the next 10 days from 31 July to 9 August 2019, 10 Telkom University students (Tel-U) will participate in Creativity Station 2019 in Gambung, West Java.

Creativity Station is a routine activity under the Beyond Engineering Education (BEE) Project held by Pusan National University (PNU) and South Korea’s Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy in collaboration with a number of Indonesian and Korean universities. Where there will be 24 Korean students, 10 Telkom University students and 13 from 3 other universities in Indonesia.

Activities that are routinely held since 2010 are activities in the learning process for students through community service activities (Engineering Services Learning). Where, students are given the responsibility to look for problems from Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the community and must be able to offer solutions to these problems in the form of a product that is ready to use.

The Rector of Telkom University Prof. Adiwijaya opened the event at the Tea Research Center and Kina Gambung, Tuesday (31/7), explaining that this collaboration aims to solve problems that exist in society, where students will see problems directly, think of simple solutions to make the solution so that can be applied in the community.

“The solution that our students will offer is how to optimize the use of economic development here through simple tools because we know that this is known as Tea and Quinine which is also a value from Indonesia.”

Adiwijaya added that the collaboration between Telkom University and Pusan University is not only here, but also collaboration in research that involves not only students but also lecturers.

“Tel-U and Pusan already have a research center in Tel-U named Beyond Engineering Education (BEE) in this research center. The project that will be implemented between Korea and Indonesia is the Global Engineering Service Learning Program, Engineering Service in Engineering Service Community. Program & Collaborative Research in Capstone Design Program. “He said.