09 Nov 2018

Telkom University is Ready to Digitize and Modernize the Sultanate in the Archipelago

Cirebon – The Rector of Telkom University made a visit to the Cirebon Sultanate on Tuesday (8/11). His visit was to expand the network of cooperation, considering that the sultanate had an important role in the culture, history, education and economy of the nation.

The Sultanate of Cirebon is currently led by Sultan Sepuh XIV named Pangeran Radja Adipati Arief Natadiningrat and also serves as chairman of the Sultanate of the Archipelago forum. He felt, Digitalization and Modernization in the Sultanate needed to be done immediately. Telkom University as a campus that promotes ICT was chosen by Sultan Sepuh XIV to realize this.

Cirebon is currently a hub of various regions in Indonesia. Cirebon also has an important role in the economy, especially maritime. Therefore, Telkom University felt that they need to be involved in helping the progress of the sultanate in the archipelago in terms of Digitalization and Modernization.

“Yesterday’s meeting was an initiation for future involvement both in the field of community service research and the development of the economic sector with the participation of the campus both academics and students.” Explained the Lecturer at the Faculty of Business Economics, Lia Yuldinawati, when accompanying the Rector yesterday.