14 Sep 2018

Telkom University Literacy Event 2018

BANDUNG, Telkom University – September 8 was the day proclaimed by UNESCO as “International Literacy Day”. An important day for the movement of literacy is celebrated in various ways in various parts of the world. Literacy closely covers the ability to read, write and count, so literacy has a crucial role in the lives of people who are involved in everyday social interactions.

Telkom University as a higher education institution that has a commitment to increase the reading interest of the Indonesian people participates in moving through the Library which holds “Telkom University Literacy Event 2018”. Carrying the theme Literacy Beyond the Words, literacy is more than just words to be the key to every individual in life who will support lifelong learning and become a skill in working without limit. Year 2018 is the 5th year of Telkom University Library holding literacy activities that are open to public and presenting various activities whose purpose is to increase people’s love for literacy, especially reading and writing.

“2018 Telkom University Literacy Event”: Literacy Beyond the Words “, will be held from September 13-15 2018, at campus of Telkom University, in the series of events there is a Seminar on Collaboration Research Seminar, with the speaker Dr. Eng. Khoirul Anwar, ST., M.Eng (ITU Standard Technology Inventor, Tel-U Lecturer), Dr. Dasapta (ITB Lecturer, INArxiv Initiator), Dr. Hendrati (Tel-U Lecturer, Research Synergy Foundation) and then Literacy Gigs and Literacy Talks with guest stars’ Dengarkan Dia‘-Ayudia and Ditto Percussion, where in this session we will discuss the process of creative writing ‘Teman tapi Menikah (Friends but married)’ and songs that have been written by this Duo, this literacy gigs session will be continued with a performance from Dengarkan Dia that will present an interesting stage action.

In addition there will be a Talk show “MILLENIALS WANT TO READ” by presenting speakers Nurul Qomariyah Pramisti as Executive Editor of tirto.id and Sofie Dewayani Ph.D as the founder of LITARA FOUNDATION. On a different day, there will also be story telling sessions for the blind, sign language workshops with Instructors from SLBN (State Special School) Cicendo Bandung, and Book Donations for Sahabat Jiwa Community that collaborate with Lemari Buku-Buku ¬†Community where tens of illustrator volunteers will draw sketches of book donors.

Through this event, Telkom University Library which has the concept of “Open Library” wants to open access to the community. According to the Head of Telkom University Library Dadi Ismanto, S.Si. “Telkom University Library is very concerned about literacy issues in Indonesia, this is our step to actively contribute and spread the spirit of literacy to young people, through this event it is expected not only to inspire but provide a real contribution to increase reading interest in Indonesia,” he said.