06 Nov 2018

Telkom University Students Became the Champion at Think Tank National Business Plan Competition

Bandung – A team from Telkom University managed to win Think Tank National Business Plan Competition which took place on November 2-4 at the Kalimantan Institute of Technology (ITK). This competition was held to commemorate the 4th ITK Anniversary.

They are Helmi Anugrah Ilahi (MBTI 2015) and Nurchairul Akbar Saad (Information System 2016), with the name Buah Batu team. When interviewed, they found a number of problems commonly encountered in rural areas such as: Villages still cannot afford to improve the welfare of their communities; village officials still depende on the government through village funds; there is no access for the village to outsiders in developing villages and developing village potential.

From the three formulations of the problem they made an application called Mbangun Desa, an application that helps bring together parties like companies for CSR, investors to help invest in potential villages and students through community services activities to help villages both in infrastructure development and in developing village potential.

The idea that was felt to be very beneficial had succeeded in making the Buah Batu team a champion, competing with 44 other teams from various universities throughout the archipelago. Congratulations!