05 Aug 2019

Thousands of New Students Attend PKKMB 2019

Bandung Telkom University – Approximate 3500 students who belong to the Pancasila group are seen crowding the Telkom University Convention Hall building, Sunday (4/8) morning. They are new students who take part in introducing campus life activities (PKKMB) 2019.

PKKMB is an activity launched by the Students Executive Board Telkom University to welcome new students every year. The purpose of the PKKMB activity is to introduce the campus life, be proud of and love the campus and faculty as a place where they develop during their studies at Telkom University.

PKKMB activities were opened by the student management director Andi Djoko Tjahyono. Andi Djoko hopes that PKKMB activities can provide provisions for 2019 new students to get to know the campus where they are studying.

“PKKMB is an activity where students can get to know each other, besides this activity, it is also expected that each student can get to know the other friends from different faculties to foster a sense of belonging in Telkom University campus environment. “Said, Andi.

Andi advised keeping the spirit of undergoing this activity because through this activity will foster a love for the campus alma mater of Telkom University.

“Enjoy PKKMB activities, do it with joy, your seniors will help introduce this campus to you.” He said.

The activities of PKKMB 2019 Bach 1 itself took place from August 5 – 7, 2019. During these 3 days, new students of Telkom University participated in various activities that had to be followed. Among them are the provision of material from members of the Indonesian National Armed Forces (TNI), group activities, community service and so on.

After PKKMB BACTH 1, it will be continued with batch 2 which will take place from August 8-10, 2019, after that all new Telkom University students totaling more than 7000 students will be inaugurated by Telkom University Chancellor Prof. Adiwijya at the new student inaugural Senate hearing on August 13, 2019.