06 Dec 2018

Waste Processing Equipment and Healthy Lifestyle Education by Telkom University on Citarum Riverbank

Bandung – More than 100 Telkom University students and lecturers were sent to Citarum Riverbank Sector 7 for community service while at the same time supporting the government’s program, Citarum Harum. There were several activities carried out at the site, such as delivery of incinerator, plastic waste processing equipment, educating healthy lifestyles, and drawing murals to beautify the riverbank.

Incinerator is an equipment for processing waste, both organic and non-organic. Previously, Telkom University already had this equipment, and it was well applied. One incinerator is able to accommodate waste in one RW. This was explained by Vice Rector 4, Dr. Rina Pudji Astuti, “The equipment we made have been brought and assembled at the location, Sector 7 Citarum. It is able to process waste up to 1 RW on the riverbank, “she explained.

The cost spent by Telkom University to make this incinerator was also very affordable compared to incinerators in general which can reach IDR 1 billion. The incinerator made by Telkom University took up less than IDR 100 million. The equipment was given to NGOs and a special place was made for the equipment to be ready for use.

There is also a special equipment for processing plastic waste into bricks that can be used as building material. Given the indestructible plastic waste, the team from Telkom University based on the results of the study were able to turn it into ready-made bricks. The surrounding community is also taught how to operate it.

Not only equipment, education for the community is also considered vital. Assisted by Astacala students of Telkom University, since 1 year ago, they have helped educate the riverbank community about health. The community is helped to change their mindset, awareness of waste disposal, and ideal healthy lifestyle. This helps reduce the risks of disease, if the community is able to fortify it with cleanliness of themselves.