20 Jun 2019

YPT Build Telkom University Landmark Tower

BANDUNG, Telkom University – Telkom University as one of the universities that continues to play an active role in the education field development in Indonesia, is preparing 2 new Faculties (from 7 existing Faculties) and 17 new Study Programs (out of 32 existing Study Programs).

Seeing these developments, the Telkom Education Foundation (YPT) will build new lecture building facilities namely Telkom University Landmark Tower (TULT) in the Telkom Education Area in Bandung which has an area of 50 Ha. The existence of TULT, in addition to completing facilities and infrastructure in Telkom University, is also a manifestation of the presence of PT Telkom for the country through the world of Education.

Right on Wednesday June 19, 2019, Chairperson of YPT Dr. Dwi S Purnomo and his staff accompanied by the Chancellor of Telkom University, Prof. Adiwijaya, together with the Regent of the Regency. Bandung, H. Dadang M. Nasser and Chair of the Region IV Institute of Higher Education Services (LLDIKITI), Prof. Uman Suherman carried out the Groundbreaking of TULT development.

“This building will be built as high as 19 floors and become the highest lecture building in the West Java region and is a smart building and carries the concept of go green. Later it will be used for the teaching and learning process, which consists of 178 classrooms, health rooms, lecturer rooms, multipurpose rooms, meeting rooms, prayer rooms, laboratories, and Research Centers, “said Dwi.

Dwi added that the TULT development plan is targeted to be completed in early 2021 and hopes that all facilities provided at TULT can support academic and research activities at the Telkom University campus later.

“We from the Foundation strongly support the strategic plan of Telkom University in 2023 to become Research & Entrepreneurial University in 2023, and the facilities of this building are one of the supporting facilities. “Research and innovation are the main indicators, Telkom University must start a role as Entrepreneurial University in 2023,” he said.

Dwi explained the direction of the development of Telkom University refers to a shift in the expectations of the community towards higher education, namely from educational agents, research and development agents, agents of cultural and technological transfer, and ultimately expected to become agents of economic development. Therefore, in terms of the ability to conduct research, universities are expected to be able to become a teaching university, research university, and also an entrepreneurial university.

Referring to the Penta Helix concept, Dwi said that the concept was ideal and very promising to welcome the Knowledge Society era and compete in Knowledge-Based Economy. Looking at the trends and developments of Higher Education globally there is a utopia regarding a form of Higher Education called “Entrepreneurial University”.

“To increase the diversity of the graduate scientific fields produced, Telkom University needs to open new study programs again in the next 5 years, according to YPT’s plan to develop study programs that support the development of Industrial Revolution 4.0, in addition to study programs in the fields of medicine and tourism.”

In addition, YPT has also planned the development of new faculties for Telkom University, for the period 2019-2038, the faculty development plan and study program are based on the study of research institutions in Indonesia, about industry development trends in Indonesia.

“As planned by the Foundation in the next 5 years, Telkom University will develop 2 new faculties namely the Health & Medicine Faculty and the Faculty related to Tourism, Transportation & Hospitality Industry where there will be 4 Study Programs from each of these faculties,” said Dwi.