Talking about the natural beauty and coolness of the city, Bandung is always on the list. This flower city (a well-known name for Bandung, in Bahasa, called Kota Kembang, red) has a famous regional language, Sundanese. History writes the city is a witness to several national historical stories. Several places in this city have recorded Indonesia’s great history such as Jalan Asia Afrika, witnessed the events of the Asian-African Conference held in Bandung 64 years ago.

In addition to historical sites, Bandung also has several interesting recreational spots. It hasn’t been said to explore Bandung if you haven’t visited some recreational areas:

Bandung Square

Officially opened by the Mayor of Bandung, Ridwan Kamil on December 31, 2014, made the Bandung city square rapidly developing. As a cheap tourist destination located in the heart of Bandung, this place becomes one of the tourist destinations that should not be missed when visiting this flower city. This strategic location makes the square surrounded by shopping and culinary tourism.

Lembang Bamboo Village

Lembang bamboo village is a natural tourism area located on the hillside of Mount Burangrang, Lembang. This tourist destination is perfect for those who want to enjoy the beauty of nature and rural areas. The tourist will experience unique things such as buying 1 ticket will get a bottle of mineral water and buy 2 tickets will get one plant seed.

Farm House Lembang

Lembang Farm House or commonly called the Lembang milk farmhouse is a new tourist spot in an integrated tourist area with a European-style Farm. Opened in December 2015, this tourist destination attracted a lot of local and foreign tourists. This tourist destination provides a typical European costume rental service that can be used for selfies.

Keraton Cliff

Keraton Cliff is one of the natural attractions in Bandung. This tourist destination has an exotic natural panorama; a green expanse of forest covered with fog can be seen from the top of the cliff. The refreshing air makes the Keraton Cliff as a good choice for walking or cycling track. Sunrise and sunset become a phenomenon that can be enjoyed in the Keraton Cliff.

The Lodge Maribaya Pine Forest

The Lodge Maribaya Pine Forest is one of the most popular tourist trends because it offers a variety of interesting activities. One of the interesting activities is camping using a tent provided by the management. Several photo spots can be taken from a height such as a sky tree, mountain swig, and zip bike.