Online Joint Class in Deep Learning

Online Joint Class in Deep Learning
  • 02/24/2022 - 09:00
  • Telkom University

Online Joint Class in Deep Learning

Telkom University, Indonesia & Batangas State University, Philippines are calling for participants to join in the 2nd session of the Online Joint Class with the topic: “Deep Learning”

1. Dr. Syamsul Rizal, lecturer at Telkom University
2. Dr. Jeffrey S. Sarmiento, lecturer at Batangas State University

Thursday/February 24th, 2022

09.00 AM (West Indonesia Time)
10.00 AM (Philippines Time)

Registration Link:

-Online Joint Class will use Zoom Meeting platform.
-The applicant must receive the invitation link at least D-1 at their registered email address.
-E-certificate will be given to participants who follow the event from start to finish, and fill in the feedback link.

Can’t wait to see you!