Research and Academic Life in Telkom University

As the best private university in Indonesia, Tel-U has a commitment on providing excellent research and learning environment. Currently, Tel-U has 5 research centers: Advanced Wireless Technologies Research Center, Internet of Things (IoT) Research Center, Digital Business Ecosystem Research Center, Human Centric Engineering Research Center, Advanced Creative Network Research Center, and 31 research groups with advanced facilities such as high performing computers. The excellent research environment has been acknowledged nationally by the Ministry of Research and Technology/National Research and Innovation Agency as the most innovative Indonesian university. At the international level, Tel-U is actively involved in Telecom Infra Project Community Lab (TIP Lab), the first TIP Lab in southeast Asia.

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On the last 3 years, research funding provided by Tel-U has reached IDR 36 billion (USD 2.5 Million), while external fundings from partners reached IDR 46 billion (USD 3.2 Million), managed by Directorate of Research and Community Service. Tel-U research partners include national and international industries and institutions.

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Telkom University

Research Center

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Telkom University

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Telkom University


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Not only on research environment, Tel-U also strongly committed to continually improve the learning environment. Even before the pandemic era, Tel-U already realized the importance of digital transformation on every area, including on the teaching-learning area. Through its Center of E-Learning and Open Education (CeLOE), Tel-U has launched and organized the learning management system that can be accessed by its civitas and the public.

Telkom University

Online Course Content Utilization

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Tel-U is the only university who won all three categories on Spada Award: institution support to online learning, the best university on online learning implementation, and the best lecturer on learning design. Spada is a framework provided by the Indonesia Directorate of Higher Education where institutions can share their online courses to public for free.

Tel-U e-learning content meets several standards that maintained by CeLOE, for example each learning topic should contains: learning guidelines, lecture notes, discussion forum, quiz, external link, and assignment. To maintain the excellent standard, Tel-U also encourage the lecturers to obtain e-learning certifications: CeLOE Moodle Course Creator Certification (CMCC) and CeLOE Course Content Creator Certification (5C), and provide modern facilities such as 14 production house studios and Document Management System repository (DMS).

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