Bachelor of Applied Science in Hotel Management

Hotel Management Program has . 


Become a professional hospitality courses, cultured, and excel at international level 

  1. Organizing vocational education in the field of hospitality that is in harmony with the local knowledge and produce globally competitive graduates;
  2. Contributing through research and community service for the betterment of the hospitality and tourism industry;
  3. Develop the potential of faculty continually to produce professional graduates;
  4. Run the ‘core value’ consistently and adaptive to any environment changes by continuous improvement

Provide graduates who:

Our core value is came from Sundanese expression “Someah hade ka semah”, which means “The hospitality towards guests/others”. And we use “SOMEAH” as our core value, which consist of: StardOm, Morality, Excellence, Agile, and Harmony.

  1. StardOm, has a strong determination to achieve the best performance and worth.
  2. Morality, devoted to God Almighty and integrity.
  3. Excellence, always strives to provide quality products and services.
  4. Agile, respond fast, precise, proactive in every state.
  5. Harmony, able to work together and appreciate the difference to achieve goals.