School of Informatics

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The School of Informatics is one of the leading faculties that focus on the IT field. The School of Informatics is in line with three main tasks: a center for teaching, research, and community service, which is commonly known as the Tri Dharma of Higher Education. The School of Informatics aims to become a world-class faculty in developing knowledge in the field of computing to create a research and entrepreneurial-based academic atmosphere.

The School Excellence

  1. Nationally and internationally accredited study program from IABEE (Indonesia Accreditation Board for Engineering Education)
  2. Has collaborated with various universities and industries both nationally and internationally
  3. There are 23 laboratories to support learning activities
  4. Has four leading Expertise Groups (KK), namely :
    • KK Data Science
    • KK Intelligent Systems
    • KK Cyber Physical Systems
    • KK Software Engineering


To become a world-class faculty that excels in education, research, and entrepreneurship in the fields of informatics and computers that are beneficial to society and play an active role in increasing the nation's competitiveness in 2023.


  1. Organizing and developing international standard education
  2. Develop and disseminate internationally recognized science and technology in the field of computing
  3. Utilizing science and technology for the welfare and progress of the nation through the development of entrepreneurial competencies in the field of Information and Communication, Technology (ICT)