School of Economics and Business

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The School of Economics and Business (FEB) is one of seven faculties within Telkom University. The School of Economics and Business Telkom University is here to answer all the challenges that arise from the development of digital technology by formulating the concept of education 4.0, exploiting digital technology, and supporting the creation of collaborative learning and lifelong learning with the tagline Preparing The Digital Business Leader.

The School Excellence

  1. Received the Predicate as Best School of Management for four consecutive years from Mix Marketing Communication Magazine
  2. All Study Programs are A Accredited
  3. ASIC and ABEST 21 Internationally accredit all Study Programs
  4. Has collaborated with various universities and industries both nationally and internationally
  5. Has three leading Expertise Groups (KK), namely :
    • KK Strategy, Entrepreneurship, And Economics
    • KK Ict Based Management
    • KK Finance And Accounting Studies


To become a Faculty of Economics and Business with an international standard in 2023, through innovative research and development of an entrepreneurial ecosystem in digital-based economics and business.


  1. Organizing and developing digital-based economic and business education with international standards
  2. Conduct studies and research in the context of developing and disseminating digital-based economic and business knowledge to the public
  3. We utilize knowledge in economics and digital-based business for service and community empowerment through creative and innovative collaborations between academia, government, industry, media, and communities.