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The School of Applied Sciences is one of seven faculties at Telkom University that focus on vocational education. To support the competence of skilled graduates and match the needs of industry, the vocational education curriculum is designed to be 60% practical and 40% theory. In addition, students will also be provided with competency certifications both nationally and internationally. To support students' creativity and entrepreneurial abilities, the faculty establishes an incubation platform through the ESSTaV-FIT program (Startup Synchronization Ecosystem in Vocational Schools - Faculty of Applied Sciences), Internships, Competitions, Community Service, and Research Projects that are recognized in course credits.

The School Excellence

  1. To be one of the best faculties/vocational schools in Indonesia
  2. 6 Study Programs have been Accredited A
  3. There are 42 laboratories to support learning activities
  4. Has collaborated with various universities and industries both nationally and internationally
  5. Has six leading Expertise Groups (KK), namely :
    • KK Installation Operation & Maintenance of Tellecommunication
    • KK Interactive Programming
    • KK Bussines Resources, Marketing and Touristm Strategy
    • KK Multimedia and Interactive Technology
    • KK Applied Information Systems
    • KK Embeded and Network System


To become a superior vocational faculty in applied research and entrepreneurship in 2023 that actively develops applied technology, management, and information technology-based tourism.


  1. Organizing superior vocational education with learning-oriented to international standard industry needs
  2. Develop, disseminate and implement applied management and tourism technologies recognized by the industry with international standards
  3. Utilizing applied technology, management, and tourism for the welfare and progress of the nation's civilization through the development of entrepreneurial competencies