School of Creative Industries

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The School of Creative Industries is one of the faculties at Telkom University, which is engaged in Fine Arts and Design education and focuses on the development of education in the Creative Industry sector. The School of Creative Industries, Telkom University, has five undergraduate (Bachelor) study programs and one master (Master) study program.

The School Excellence

  1. 5 Study Programs have been Accredited A
  2. ASIC has Internationally accredited 5 Study Programs
  3. Have a Master of Design Program
  4. TThere is an Idealoka Gallery as an open space to support student creativity
  5. Has collaborated with various universities and industries both nationally and internationally
  6. There are 12 laboratories to support learning activities
  7. Has four leading Expertise Groups (KK), namely :
    • KK Acties (Aesthetics, Culture & Humanities)
    • KK Medcraft (Media & Craftsmanship)
    • KK Inlive (Innovative Lifestyle & Designed Environment)
    • KK Deconstra (Design Concept & Strategy)


To become a world-class Faculty of Research & Entrepreneurs who play an active role in developing Creative Industries based on Information Technology and Archipelago Culture.


  1. Organizing an international standard education system in creative industries based on information technology and Indonesian culture.
  2. Develop and disseminate knowledge, art, and design based on information technology and the internationally recognized culture of the archipelago
  3. Cooperating with the government, community, and business actors to improve the creative industry and improve the welfare and progress of the nation's economy.