Disability Facilities

Telkom University provides facilities for disabilities both learning material and physical support. This is following the Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 8 of 2016 concerning Persons with Disabilities ratified by President Joko Widodo that Persons with Disabilities are everyone who experiences physical, intellectual, mental, and/or sensory limitations for a long period who interacts with the environment experience obstacles and difficulties to participate fully and effectively with other citizens based on equal rights.

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Learning System Support for Disabilities

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Telkom University has a community of volunteers who care for the deaf, which are called “buddy”- students who served as note-takers during lectures.

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Counseling Services

Telkom University cares about the physical and mental conditions of students. Students can consult their condition by applying through i-Gracias.

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Friendly User Interface

Application services at Telkom University have been well designed for students with color blind conditions. Most of the images can still be seen by students with color blindness so that the information submitted on the application can still be received well.

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Learning System

Not only providing physical facilities, Telkom University has developed an inclusive curriculum design for several subjects by providing video material supported by translated texts.

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Disability Acces Map

Telkom University supports facilities for disabilities. From the access map, you can identify wheelchair access facilities, toilets and special parking spaces for people with disabilities.