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There are 7 canteen areas scattered in several locations in Telkom University campus as follows:

  1. Public Lecture Building Canteen
  2. School Of Engineering Canteen
  3. School Of Economics and Communication Canteen
  4. School Of Applied Sciences Canteenn
  5. Male Dormitory Canteen
  6. Female Dormitory Canteen
  7. Telkom Mart Canteent

The canteen on the Telkom University campus has been tested for its cleanliness and guaranteed halal. Also equipped with Wi-Fi facilities and also supported by a digital payment system.

kantin gku
kantin bambu
kantin teknik

Book Store

Telkom University provides a Book Store facility located in the Telkom University Open Library area. There are various types of books and also scientific activities that support the academic activities of Telkom University Academics. With this facility, it is hoped that it can help students and lecturers to be able to get books easily and is equipped with an online ordering system.

open library telkom university
open library telkom university
open library telkom university

Social Room

Telkom University provides various open space facilities that are scattered in each faculty and public space. Recognizing the importance of communication between Telkom University Academics in establishing the core values of Telkom University that is harmony, excellence, and integrity.

Religious Facilities

The beliefs that exist in the Telkom University campus are diverse, so Telkom University facilitates religious activities for all Telkom University Academics.

Facilities for Minorities

Telkom University provides counseling facilities, academic guidance, scholarship consulting facilities, and facilities for minority student organizations. This facility is intended for students who need assistance and counseling from campus.

Student Affairs
Fasilitas Minoritas

Facilities of Dormitory

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