About Bandung

Telkom University, the No.1 private university in Indonesia, is located in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. Bandung City is the capital city of West Java Province and its located 140km southeast of Jakarta. Bandung is known as the City of Flowers and Parijs van Java because of its natural beauty. Bandung is also currently one of the main destinations for education and tourism.

One of the icons of Bandung is Gedung Sat, a historical building with a characteristic of the skewer ornament on its central tower. This white color historic building still stands firmly today and functions as the central government building.

In addition to that, the city of Education, Bandung also has many tourist destinations such as Farmhouse, Cikole, Dusun Bambu, Floating Market, Tebing Keraton, Dago Dream Park, Maribaya Peak, Lembah Dewata, Orchid Forest, and other interesting natural tourist destinations.

Apart from nature tourism, a modern Bandung has many complete city facilities such as shopping facilities, city parks, public sports facilities as well as many cafes serving modern and traditional food.

Even though Bandung is one of the modern cities, the cultural values ??of its people, which are majority Sundanese, are maintained, which is reflected in the friendly attitude of the community and upholds togetherness and mutual respect. It is what makes Bandung a safe and conducive city.

Featured Amenities

To provide a comfortable and conducive learning atmosphere, we built several excellent facilities to support academic and non-academic activities in Telkom University, campus life environment including cafeteria, book store, religious facilities, discussion room, auditorium, public space facilities and infrastructure, campus transportation, and others.

gedung damar
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Sport Facilities

Not only presenting supporting facilities in the academic field, but Telkom University also focuses on providing sports facilities and infrastructure to support a healthy lifestyle among Telkom University Academics such as swimming pool facilities, fitness centers, basketball courts, football, volleyball, tennis, badminton, and other.

Student Activity Transcripts


Telkom University does not only focus on developing the academic aspects of students, but also pays great attention to the non-academic aspects. This is intended to encourage students to be more active in activities. Therefore Telkom University developed a Student Activity Transcript (TAK) system which is a parameter for assessing student activeness in non-academic activities. With this, it can equip students to improve their soft skills to be able to compete in the world of work.


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Disabled Facilities

Telkom University is not only focused on developing the academic aspect of students, but also very attentive in terms of non-academic aspects. This is intended to encourage students to be more active in their work. Therefore Telkom University developed a Transcript system of Student Activities (TAK) which is a parameter of assessing student activity in non-academic activities. By this can equip students in improving the ability of softskills to be able to compete in the world of work.


Rules and Sanctions

Telkom University is an institution that concerns the discipline of its students. Rules and sanctions are formed to establish and shape the character and responsible student.

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Rector of Telkom University

Prof. Dr. Adiwijaya

Welcome to Telkom University Official Website

This website aims to provide information for stakeholders regarding academic information, campus facilities, research development and innovation, and campus activities in Telkom University.

Telkom University is determined to be a research and entrepreneurial university that benefits for society.

We hope to create graduates who have global competitiveness, be able to create a culture of research and innovation to improve the quality of society's life, and be able to contribute in national economic development through the entrepreneurship development.

Telkom University has a commitment in providing quality education. It was proved by the achievement of A Accreditation or Excellence from the National Accreditation Board for Higher Education (BAN-PT) and International Accreditation for several study programs. Moreover, the Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemenristekdikti) has named Telkom University as the Best Private University in Indonesia.

Hopefully, this website can be a useful tool for finding information and can be a bridge for all stakeholders with Telkom University.

Prof. Dr. Adiwijaya
President of Telkom University