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When talking about the natural beauty and coolness of the city, then Bandung is the city. This flower city has a very well-known regional language namely Sundanese and also has a place of recreation that is familiar to the Indonesian population, namely Tangkuban Perahu Mountain, the cliffs of the palace, lembang farmhouses to tea gardens and several historical museums. The city’s historical track record is also recorded in Indonesian history. The creativity of regional leaders and their communities makes Bandung a historical city of creativity. Find your creativity in Bandung, a creative city.

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Dozens of facilities have been provided by the campus to support and facilitate students in reaching their goals during their studies at Telkom University. Those facilities are located on 50 hectares campus area to create security, comfort, and support the growth of positive interaction between students and the campus environment. These academic and non-academic facilities and infrastructure are established based on the needs of Telkom University students.


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Telkom University is not only focused on developing the academic aspects of students but also concerned about non-academic aspects. To encourage students to be active in some activities, Telkom University developed Student Activity Transcripts (TAK).

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Telkom University is an institution that concerns the discipline of its students. Rules and sanctions are formed to establish and shape the character and responsible student.






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This website aims to provide information for stakeholders regarding academic information, campus facilities, research development and innovation, and campus activities in Telkom University.

Telkom University is determined to be a research and entrepreneurial university that benefits for society.

We hope to create graduates who have global competitiveness, be able to create a culture of research and innovation to improve the quality of society's life, and be able to contribute in national economic development through the entrepreneurship development.

Telkom University has a commitment in providing quality education. It was proved by the achievement of "A" Accreditation or Excellence from the National Accreditation Board for Higher Education (BAN-PT) and International Accreditation for several study programs. Moreover, the Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemenristekdikti) has named Telkom University as the Best Private University in Indonesia.

Hopefully, this website can be a useful tool for finding information and can be a bridge for all stakeholders with Telkom University.

Prof. Dr. Adiwijaya
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