Master Degree of Informatics Engineering

Based on Industrial demand in the field of Information Technology and Government Policy which pictured within National Education System Regulation Year 2003, therefore IT Telkom established Informatics Engineering Master Program. This study program established and officially announced by Indonesia’s National Education Department, Higher Education Directorate General Pronouncements No. 424/D/T/2009, dated 27 March 2009.

Master of Informatics Engineering oriented at three concentrations which are Informatics Media, Socio—Informatics, and Data Mining.

Media Informatics is the program that covers the aspects of architecture, implementation, and distributed system analysis (ubiquoitus information) as well as computing system. In this case, the unification of infrastructure and content knowledge happens.

Socio-Informatics is the program focused on the study regarding to influence of information technology towards social community as well as hot social community influences the development of information technology.

Data Mining is the program that covers the analysis,  data pre-process, and its implementation within tangible problems.


  Become International renowned Informatics Engineering Master Program to developing experts and researchers as well as innovative Infocomm technology within business and industrial world.

  1. Educating expert and researcher through integrated learning and research process
  2. Developing innovative technology through sustainable research by noticing current development with specific problem sphere
  3. Building mutual relationship with nation and international Infocomm industry / institution which reflected within every activities of Three Pillars of Tertiary Education
  4. Creating conducive academic environment as well as qualified well-composed teaching process to optimize the potency and creativity of all academicians
Main Competences
  1. Able to analyze system and problem through related Informatics Engineering science aspects.
  2. Able to produce sophisticated solution for latest problems and adaptive with Infocomm technology advances.
  3. Able to develop innovative technology in the field of Infocomm through thorough analysis from previous Infocomm technology.
  4. Understanding professional ethic code.
Media Informatics Specialization Competences
  1. Able to evaluate various architecture and technology alternative which related to multimedia and network.
  2. Able to develop multimedia based distributed system and network for business and industry.
Data Mining Specialization Competences
  1. Understanding data mining as one thorough process (including the usage of CRISP-DM) for problem solving and analyzing a problem.
  2. Able to utilize latest data mining technology and application.
Supporting Competences
  1. Able to work both as independent and or team as member and or leader.
  2. Able to manage business and project which in lined with the expertise.
Other Competence

  To be Able to express ideas in verbal and script manner using proper Bahasa and or English.


  2 (two) programs offered in Electrical-Telecommunication Engineering Master Programs are:

Graduates Working Prospects
  1. Regular Program (40 Academic Credits, 4 Semester)
  2. Informatics Engineering Master Program conducted through direct meeting for all subjects, held in every working day (Monday to Friday) at IT Telkom campus.
  3. Exclusive Program (40 Academic Credits, 4 Semester)
    1. Lecturer
    2. Researcher
    3. Expert Staff
    4. Industrial Senior Manager
  4. Informatics Engineering Master Program which conducted through direct meeting for 67% subjects, while the rest will be held through long distance learning (using video conference). Long distance learning will be held every Monday to Thursday and direct meeting every Friday and Saturday at IT Telkom campus.