Bachelor of Science in Physics Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Engineering Physics newly established in early 2009 based on the decision of the Directorate of National Education Ministry of Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia Number 90 / D / T / 2009, January 21th, 2009.

Currently the department of engineering physics  accreditated B. Accreditation is valid for 4 years from 2014 to 2018.

Curriculum Physics Engineering Study Program S1 is designed with a total load of 144 credits for the course duration 4 years / 8 semesters. For students who can keep the IP semester of not less than 3.00 at the end of each semester has been provided through the study plan Curriculum Scheme Acceleration 3.5 years / 7 semesters.

This study program was born to meet the demands of industry that requires experts in the field of Engineering Physics, which has been newly filled by three public universities and one college that opened the study program Engineering Physics, the Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB), Institute of Technology November Surabaya (ITS), the University of Gadjah Mada (UGM), and the National University.

Physics Engineering is a very broad field. This field overlaps with areas such as Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, and Materials Engineering. One of the advantages of Physics Engineering Study Program is the flexibility of graduates in work and curriculum focus on applied science that sustains the fields above techniques. With dimikian expected to develop these areas towards better and more needed.

Emphasis Physics Engineering Study Program of IT Telkom is in Instrumentation and Control Engineering, Energy Engineering, Engineering photonics, Electromagnetic Applications Engineering, and Materials Engineering. But the emphasis above can not be separated from Telkom IT focus in the field of Information and Communication Technology. The emphasis is based on the fact that employment in the industrial sector, which is one important factor to sustain the economy in Indonesia is very much. In the perspective of future economic structure of manufacturing and service industries will certainly provide a greater contribution to the Indonesian economy. Industry sector becomes stronger if supported by human resources as an innovator who has the skill and ability to absorb knowledge in science and engineering, and applied in the industry.

Until now the number of graduates of Physics Engineering originating from universities in Indonesia still does not meet the needs of the industrial sector. Professions related to the competence of Engineering Physics, such as system integrators engineer, instrument and control engineer, process engineer, health and safety engineer, energy engineer dominated foreign labor. Competence Engineering Physics graduates are in great demand in the industry and flexible career as mastery of graduates in engineering capabilities based on mathematics and physics, and able to work in other engineering fields such as industrial engineering, electrical engineering, telecommunications engineering, mechanical engineering, as well as in engineering other.

The results of a comparative study to similar studies programs and Tracer Study of some industrial users graduates, as well as Wonderware Software Human Machine Interface, showed that absorption graduate studies program of its kind in the field of industry is quite high. Some industrial absorbent graduates include Caltex, Schlumberger, Astra International, BATAN, LAPAN, PT Telkom, INKA, Pindad, PERTAMINA, Chevron Pacific Indonesia, and others. The average graduate of Physics Engineering Program, particularly in the field of instrumentation and control engineering, a maximum of only 3 months after graduation has worked / is absorbed by companies. This indicates that the user is a graduate of Physics Engineering Program is very large.


Being outstanding Study Program Physics Engineering which is able to provide qualified and competent experts and supporting industry management.


Organizes the tri dharma college and service industries, develop academic atmosphere, empowering laboratories, develop appropriate curriculum competencies expected of the market, and improving cooperation with other institutions.

Program Educational Objectives

Produce graduates who have the knowledge and expertise in the field of Engineering Physics, was able to practice and develop themselves and to follow the development of Science and Technology.

Program Outcomes

As well as the development of the industrial sector has been growing which impact on the development of the business world, regional, national and international, the expertise and  expected skills of graduates of Physics Engineering Study Program after going through the process of education held by the course relevant to the field of work. Expected graduates profile are :

  • Physics Engineer Professional
  • Contractors and reliable Engineering Consultants
  • Researchers and educators
  • Entrepreneur


Competence of graduates

Competence of graduates of Physics Engineering Study Program of Telkom are having:

  • The ability to apply the knowledge of physics, and mathematics in engineering.
  • Ability to identify, formulate and solve problems related to the field of Engineering Physics.
  • Ability in running, developing, designing devices needed industry
  • The ability to conduct experiments or research with analysis and interpretation capabilities related to the field of Engineering Physics.
  • Have insight into the latest technological developments in the field expertise of Engineering Physics
  • Have an understanding of attitude, leadership, and skills Enterpreneurships both individually and in a team of multidisciplinary
  • Ability to communicate and interact positively both individually and in teams of multidisciplinary
  • Capabilities in terms of project management related to the field of Engineering Physics
  • Insights in the field of ICT and telecommunications business
  • An understanding of responsibility and professional ethics
  • Concern for the problems of safety, health, and environmental issues.