Telkom Engineering School

Engineering Faculty or Telkom Engineering School (TES) was formerly known as STT Telkom. It was the first educational institution in Indonesia focusing on ICT. IT Telkom is projected to prepare ICT experts who are skillful and insightful in business to meet the demands of the rapid development of ICT industry.

Institut Teknologi Telkom (IT Telkom) was formerly known as Sekolah Tinggi Teknologi Telkom (STT Telkom). The establishment of STT Telkom was initiated by Mr. Cacuk Sudarijanto. He was well aware that in 1990, at that time, he was the Director of PT. Telkom, there must be a balance between the rapid development of information and communication technologies and the availability of qualified human resources. Since then, he who was called as “the Father of Telkom Transformation” by the Economic Observer established STT Telkom. STT Telkom was officially opened Friday, September 28th, 1990 at Gegerkalong Hilir - Bandung by the Minister of Tourism, Post and Telecommunication, Mr. Susilo Soedarman. Since its establishment, IT Telkom was placed under the organization of Yayasan Pendidikan Telkom (YPT).

At the beginning of the establishment, IT Telkom campus was located in three different places. Campus 1 was on Jalan Soekarno Hatta. Campus 2 was on Jalan Geger Kalong Hilir. Campus 3 was on Jalan Penghulu Hasan Mustafa. In 1993, IT Telkom campus moved to Jalan Telekomunikasi Terusan Buah Batu (current location). Then, a year later, all teaching and learning activities were centered on the new location. In the same year, IT Telkom Campus was officially opened by the President of Republic of Indonesia, Soeharto on March 24, 1994. Occupying a land area of 48 hectares, IT Telkom campus has good educational supporting facilities with beautiful sceneries so that teaching and learning process can be more conducive.

The purpose of establishing this campus was to meet the demand of the number of experts in telecommunication industries. PT Telkom was very interested in the institution, so that PT Telkom provided full scholarships and internship programs to the students of class 1991 and 1992. There was a climatic change in the telecommunication industry (PT Telkom no longer monopolizes the telecommunication industry), the scholarship and internship programs were discontinued. Now, IT Telkom graduates are not required to work at PT Telkom.

Thus, by the Year of 2017, IT Telkom strives to become a world-class university that excels in the areas of Information, becomes agents of change in producing intelligent and competitive human beings.


Become an international-standardized institute in the field of ICT and agent of change to produce intelligent and competitive human beings and contribute to prosperity of the nation.

  1. Providing international-standardized education to produce professional human resources in the field of information and communication.
  2. Conducting international-standardized research to develop science and technology andinnovationin the field ofinformation and communication.

  4. Conducting community service to activelybuild synergywith industries and community, nationally and internationally.
  1. Improve competitiveness of the institution to serve industry and community through information and communication.

  3. Produce graduates who are competent, able to work, develop themselves and possess entrepreneurship in the field of Information and Communication.

  5. Produce research and copyrights to meet the demanding needs of community and the rapid change in the field of Information and Communication nationally and internationally.
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