05 Dec 2018

Creative Industry Faculty Student Exhibition, Form of MSME (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise) Support in Bandung Regency

Creative Industry Faculty (FIK) of Telkom University held Collective Passion Art & Design (COPASS 2.0) in Manterawu Building on Monday (3/12). This is an exhibition of creations by Studio 3 and Studio 5 students from Design Management Study Program.

This event aims to introduce the creations of FIK students to be seen by a wide audience. That the task of students is not just a task in class, but can become a small and medium business opportunity. Some students even have collaborated with Bandung Regency Cooperative and SME Office and Business Association.

The works on display at this event was around 28 works from study group V and 16 works from studio group III. This exhibition attracted quite a lot of attention, it was seen from the enthusiasm of Tel-U students who visited this event since morning. Quite a lot of students from other campuses were also interested in seeing the works of Telkom University students.

Also attending the event was FIK Dean, Dr. Didit Widiatmoko, who appreciated this event. “Considering that the Three Tasks of Higher Education is not only teaching, research, but also community service. One of them is in the form of community service by giving product design results, “he said.

Representatives of Bandung Regency Cooperative and Small and Medium Enterprises (UKM) Office also saw directly the students’ creations, they were the Cooperative Business Empowerment Section, Rudi Purwanto, ST., and MM. And Head of Cooperative Business Empowerment Development Division Drs. Usman Karyana.

The government is expected to be able to bridge between MSME practitioners and academicians through this event. So that the Three Tasks of Higher Education can be achieved, and the students give a positive impact on the surrounding community.