18 Jan 2019

Dr. Maria Apsari: Assist Moslem Fashion MSMEs in West Java to Create Value Creation and Product Innovation

Lecturer of Telkom University Creative Industry Faculty, Dr. Maria Apsari Sugiat, SE.Ak, MM earned a doctorate degree in Strategic Management at Faculty of Economics and Business – Padjajaran University on Monday (7/1/19). Maria earned her doctorate degree with a dissertation entitled “Competing Strategies of Moslem Fashion Online MSME to Increase Creative Economy in West Java.”

Her research analyzed the increasing number of Moslem Fashion online MSME entrepreneurs in West Java, but quite a lot fail to survive. “So I want to help to compile competitive strategies of Moslem Fashion online MSMEs, so that they have value creation, innovate, have appropriate strategies and have good business performance.”

Maria hopes that her research can become a reference for business people, decision makers, academics, communities, and others. Therefore it can be put into use and applied so that the economy in West Java can be increased, especially in creative economy sector which is the main potential of West Java as well as being the focus of the government currently.

“Continuing doctoral studies is an opportunity to develop the career of lecturer as researcher and scientific developer in the future, so that it has a conducive academic environment, cooperative and supportive friends and support from the institution where we work as the initial capital to pursue doctoral studies and become experts in developing knowledge in the future along with Telkom University’s synergy to build the country,” Maria closed.