10 Dec 2018

A Game by Tel-U Students competed at Level Up KL

BANDUNG, Telkom University – Morningstar Game Studio Team consisting of Fajrul Falakh N and Ihsan Fikri Salmi students of Telkom University (Tel-U) Faculty of Creative Industry (FIK) exhibited their game at Level UP KL event in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, last October.

In the exhibition, a game called Kaliyuga: The Dark Ages won the SEA Games Award in the Best Student Award Nominee category, which is also part of the annual Level UP KL annual event under the auspices of MDEC (Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation).

The award for Southeast Asia region aims to recognize and celebrate the creativity, art and genius of game developers from Southeast Asia while upholding Southeast Asian video game industry.

Fajrul said that the game that his team made were Final Assignments (TA), which is an open-world game where players can explore, hunt, fight and interact. This game was adapted from a novel by Adhicipta R.W entitled “Garuda Riders” whose story has a strong element of Indonesian culture.

“This game is about Taragaja mission that will save the world from Kaliyuga (dark age), this game is also set in the era after the last Kaliyuga incident and is located in the fictional Islands of Bumi Varadwipa.” He said.


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