25 Sep 2020

A Life Full Of Blessing

BANDUNG, Telkom University – 26 years old, the Syamsul Ulum Mosque, the pride of Telkom University has been established, this mosque was inaugurated in 1996 by the Minister of Research and Technology (Menristek) Prof. B.J Habibie.

Stepping on the establishment of the 26th Syamsul Ulum Mosque, at the same time to improve the morale and spirituality of the academic community, Telkom University held Tabligh Akbar activities with Ustadz Dr. Aam Amiruddin, who took place online through Zoom and Live on the Telkom University Youtube Channel, Friday (25/9).

Entitled “Treasure Blessings with Alms” Ustadz Aam explained that in this mortal life how to make this brief life a blessing?

“Blessing in Arabic is Al Barokah, which means growing or increasing in goodness, where it must develop and increase with effort.” He said.

Talking about blessings, Aam explained that four things must be considered to know the blessings of age.

“First we have to pay attention, we have to look at age based on Su’ul Bidayah wa Su’ul Khatimah, where life begins with badness and ends with badness, this is what Allah and the Prophet dislike, the second is Husnul Bidayah wa Su’ul. Khatimah, where life begins with good but ends with the bad. Both ages are things that are not blessed in their age. ” He said.

To get the blessing of age, Aam added that he must become the third and fourth person, including Su’ul bidayah wa husnul khatimah, beginning with badness but ending with goodness, and husnul bidayah wa husnul khatimah, starting with goodness and ending with goodness.

“By becoming the third and fourth persons, God willing, we will get blessings from Allah SWT, let us fill our lives with goodness, so that at the end of our life we ??will become blessings and have goodness.” He said.

Apart from age, Aam said that having a blessed property is something that is blessed by Allah SWT, then how to make a property a blessing? Following QS Al-Baqarah 2: 168, Allah said that looking for Halal treasures.

“The first is to look for property lawfully, and how to use it.  The second is to have Maslahat, where our assets can be enjoyed by others. According to QS At-Taubah 90:60, which is the real zakat only for needy people, people. poor, amil zakat softened in heart, to liberate Shaya servants, to free people who are in debt, for the way of Allah, and for people who are on their way. ” He said.

A blessed treasure is a treasure that has benefits, based on QS Al-Qashah 28:77 where “Allah has bestowed upon you and don’t forget your part in the world, do good to others, as Allah has done well to you”

“The fourth thing that needs to be conveyed is proportional, do not waste money lavishly, because wasteful is the brother of Satan, according to QS AL Isra 17: 26-27, share with others, and do not be wasteful. That is the characteristic of our blessings. ” Said Dr. Aam.

Ustadz Aam said that making the life that is currently being lived got a blessing from Allah SWT. To find this blessing, several things must be done, among others, is to live sincerely.

“With sincerity, we can pass through challenges easily, the second is don’t betray the mandate, after the letter of QS Al Anfal 8:27, don’t you betray the mandate entrusted to you, while undergoing the mandate as a student, lecturer or employee, take it seriously because of that. is a mandate given by Allah and the apostle. The higher the position one has, the greater the mandate that must be maintained, do not betray the mandate, and do not make the mandate a burden. ” He said.

Furthermore, Aam said that doing it with totality and loyalty, good deeds are related to loyalty and totality, as a Tridharma lecturer is a mandate that must be carried out with loyalty and totality.

“Then the fourth is don’t forget to always be honest, following the words of the apostle, do 6 things, then you will go to heaven, the first is, to be honest, keep your promises, fulfill your mandate, keep your honor, keep your eyes, and keep your hands (HR. Ahmad ). ” He explained.

The fifth thing that makes life a blessing is, multiply the alms, Aam explained that through almsgiving birth to blessings, planting goodness with alms, there are several virtues of alms, alms relieve the torment of the grave, alms will extinguish the fire of torment in the grave.

“Almsgiving will also wash away sins, the charity will also be multiplied by the reward, the charity will not reduce the wealth we have today. The sixth thing that must be conveyed is to believe that anything must be rewarded, if you do good there must be a reward and vice versa. Let us keep trust with alms to gain blessings. ” The lid.

Rector of Telkom University, Prof. Adiwijaya in his speech explained that this event is expected to become a gathering place for Telkom University academicians to lead to goodness.

“On the anniversary of the mosque, we are together with pride, where this mosque is not only a place of worship. More than that, from this mosque, the Islamic religion is also disseminated, and through this mosque, we together create the best generation for the Indonesian nation. This, all participants can achieve blessings and goodness in the future. ” He said.

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