22 Jul 2020

APERTI BUMN Announces Scholarship Recipients

BANDUNG, Telkom University – Aliansi Perguruan Tinggi Badan Usaha Milik Negara (APERTI BUMN) consists of 8 private Universities affiliated with State-Owned Enterprises. APERTI established to synergize the implementation of Tri Dharma of Higher Education for all universities.

The eight universities include Telkom University, Pertamina University, PLN Institute of Technology, Semen Indonesia International University, Logistics Management College, IT Telkom Surabaya, Polytechnic Pos Indonesia, and BRI Institute of Technology & Business.

APERTI BUMN organized an annual scholarship program for high school / vocational high school graduates and equivalents throughout Indonesia, and the total of the scholarship is 3 billion rupiahs. This program opened in May 2020. And today, Wednesday (7/22) through online at Zoom, APERTI BUMN has announced the winner of the 2020 APERTI BUMN scholarship.

Prof. Akhmaloka Misana, the chairperson of APERTI BUMN and Rector of Pertamina University, explained that the scholarship program received by around 65 thousand applicants from all over Indonesia.  The selection process is conducted online through report card selection and interview processes.

“From thousands of registered applicants, APERTI BUMN successfully selected 80 participants to conduct interviews.  40 Indonesian selected applicants managed to qualify for the 2020 APERTI BUMN BUMN scholarship.” He explained.

The 40 selected applicants had been announced by each rector from the university. The awardees will receive FULL SCHOLARSHIP until graduation.

“The awardees will receive full scholarships until graduation. Hopefully, through this scholarship, we can continue to contribute to creating outstanding human resources for the Indonesian nation.” He said.

On this occasion, the Rector of Telkom University, Prof. Dr. Adiwijaya said that APERTI BUMN 2020 Scholarship program, the applicants in Telkom University reached 31 thousand. After 5 selections process, 5 names were entitled to Full scholarships until they graduated at Telkom University, the five names included:

Mutiara Ayu Umi Hanifah from SMAN 1 Sidoarjo, East Java for the S1 Informatics Engineering Study Program

Bramantio Zarva Febriza from SMAN 3 Painan, West Sumatra, for the S1 Electrical Engineering Study Program

Gid Achmad Ahlul Fadli from SMAN 1 Singaparna, West Java for the D3 Study Program in Application Software Engineering

Bradley Zakaria from BPK Penabur 2 Christian High School, Jakarta for the S1 Accounting Study Program

Sayyid Nurul Hakim from SMAN 5 Bogor, West Java for the Visual Communication Design S1 Study Program

Prof. Adiwijaya added that the 5 awardees will join 7.000 Telkom University’s freshmen. This year Telkom University has screened 100.000 freshmen includes the APERTI scholarship awardee.

“Welcome to the 5 APERTI BUMN awardees and all new students at Telkom University, congratulations on joining the No. 1 best private university in Indonesia. Hopefully, through this scholarship, you can continue to contribute to creating a good future for our beloved nation. “said Prof. Adiwijaya.

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