30 Nov 2018

ASEAN IVO Forum 2018, Natural Disaster Countermeasurement

JAKARTA, Telkom University – ASEAN countries, one of which is Indonesia as a country located in the “Ring of Fire” or in other words vulnerable to natural disasters requires Indonesian people to always be cautious about natural disasters that will be faced.

In view of this, ICT Virtual Organization of ASEAN Institutes and NICT Japan (ASEAN IVO) held ASEAN IVO Forum 2018 which took place on November 27, 2018 at Sari Pacific Grand Ballroom, Jakarta.

ASEAN IVO is a collaboration for research development between NICT Japan and research institutions from 10 countries in ASEAN. On the execution of the ASEAN IVO Forum 2018, Research and HR Development Agency of the Ministry of Communication and Information (Kominfo) and Telkom University (Tel-U) under Research Center for ICT Business and Public Policy were the hosts of the event in Indonesia.

ASEAN IVO itself is a global alliance of institutes and universities in ASEAN region and Japan that focus on ICT research and development (Information and Communication Technology). ASEAN IVO’s mission is to find and identify strategic ICT research fields in ASEAN region and support collaborative projects within them, promoting international alliances between universities and research institutions in ASEAN region and Japan. Collaborative projects aim to overcome common challenges such as limited communication in rural areas and disaster situations, language barriers, network security, energy, infrastructure, agriculture, and others.

According to Vice President of Japan’s NICT Dr. Fumihiko Tomita this event is important for the improvement and utilization of ICT to prevent disaster mitigation.

“Through this forum we also increase our attention to natural disasters around us, because both Indonesia and Japan, countries in ASEAN also have the same natural disaster problems, therefore collaboration in this forum is very important how we utilize ICT for natural disaster countermeasurement, “he said.

The Rector of Telkom University Prof. Adiwijaya in his speech said that currently Telkom University was ready to assist the development of ICT in the utilization of disaster mitigation and environment protection, because Telkom University is a campus that focuses on ICT.

“In accordance with the mandate of the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo we (Tel-U) is in the process of Citarum harum (fragrant Citarum) rehabilitation, we are currently trying to propose an IoT(Internet of Things)-based monitoring system using sensor network. We hope that if the system runs in the future, we can monitor and control the river and water quality easily and cheaper.”

Prof. Adiwijaya also hopes that from this forum many researchers from ASEAN will be ready to help Telkom University in the rehabilitation of Citarum Harum.

“It is my hope that the researchers present at this forum can take part in conducting research or projects in the rehabilitation of Citarum River, because this will greatly help us in preserving the environment and the world, because the best development of science is the one which is beneficial for sustainability of human life. “He closed.

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