30 Sep 2020

Casual Coffee with DSP: Closer to Dwi S. Purnomo

Bandung, Telkom University – Telkom University Directorate of Career Development, Alumni, and Endowment (CAE) on Monday (28/9) organized a Casual Coffee with DSP at Tel-U Coffee. The event is a moment of appreciation as well as a farewell party for the Chairman of the Telkom Education Foundation (YPT) for the 2015-2020 period, Dwi S. Purnomo.

The talk show discusses more deeply about how Dwi S. Purnomo lived his daily life while serving as Chairman of YPT. In other words, it was a relaxing event after Dwi S. Purnomo participated in another series of events, namely the 2020 Calendar of Culture Action (CoCa), in this talkshow the event was hosted by Hosts and MCs, AT Hanuranto and Amaranoeva.

The story began from the first he worked at Telkom Education Foundation, Dwi initially felt shocked. Because previously, Dwi had never been involved in education.

“I was initially shocked when I first entered here (YPT), but in the fourth week I was here I finally realized that this world of education is what I have been looking for and wanting so far.”

However, Dwi thinks this is a challenge. Dwi swiftly applies Solid, Speed, and Smart methods in his leadership. According to him, these three values ??need to exist on all fronts.

“Educational institutions and subsidiaries to the company’s grandchildren must also make a positive contribution. As a first step at that time, I immediately carried out an orientation, saw the whole, or today’s term blusukan, “said Dwi.

According to Dwi, human resources at a foundation are an important factor why YPT is still standing strong and has a broad contribution to the country. In choosing HR, Dwi believes that individuals who have a passionate spirit are the most important. Passion to work, study and continue to improve.

“I prefer people who are enthusiastic, better mediocre but enthusiastic. Instead of being smart but being lazy, it’s a hassle, ”said Dwi.

Dwi S. Purnomo is also known as a diligent figure, how not while working at YPT he always comes earlier than other employees.

DSP was a morning riser, 05:30 is always his time. Why does he always come earlier than other employees, he replied that he was an “office boy”.

“In the ministry, I always go to make a living before the sun appears and come home also not exposed to the sun. What I remember every day is that I go to work to worship, support my wife and children who are waiting at home. That’s all, “he explained.


The unique fact of another DSP figure is that since 1992, he has never stopped calling his parents every day.

“I remember that, since the time of telephone booths, then I bought a landline, until now, thank God, communication is easier. I believe my parents’ blessing can help me to become what I am today. ” Said Dwi.

At the end of the event, DSP also took the time to give appreciation to Tel-U. According to him, even with pandemic conditions, alumni endowment donations can still reach 1.2T.

“53,000 Tel-U alumni are now in quite prestigious positions. About 90% of the alumni are outside Telkom, meaning they are spread across various industrial sectors. Today’s alumni must have recognized that they are alumni of the best private universities in Indonesia, namely Tel-u. ”

Dwi also advised that he always emphasized three points during his tenure as Chairman of the YPT. “Character building is something that needs to be prioritized. To form a strong foundation from an early age. All caregivers and educators at YPT can work well here. Every individual who works under the auspices of YPT needs to have strong integrity. ” close Dwi.

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