05 Jun 2020

Craft Product Innovation Creation in Tuban Community

ZOOM – Telkom University organized another Lecturer Talks on Friday (5/6). The Lecturer Talks Speaker was Dr. Fajar Ciptandi, a lecturer from the School of Creative Industries (FIK). This event will discuss Craft Product Innovation in the New Normal Era in Tuban, and how it impacts on the production and marketing processes.

This episode of Lecturer Talks was attended by more than 250 participants, from Students, Staff, and Lecturers from various faculties at Tel-U. Some participants who took part in this Webinar were creative industry activists in the field of Craft.

Fajar Ciptandi said during his research process in Tuban, East Java, he observed that the Tuban community processed their fabrics from upstream to downstream. They planted cotton trees themselves in certain areas, even the community often planted in their yard.

“Here there are two types of cotton produced, after harvest, the cotton is spun using traditional tools. It is followed by weaving yarn into a typical Tuban fabric. People here are also accustomed to adding batik patterns/motifs to the fabric produced. ”

After learning about the production process and cultural heritage in Tuban, Fajar took the initiative to motivate the productive community, to make an innovation in its fabric products.

“I invite the ladies here to be able to produce fabric innovations that have never been done before. Like a different motif, and has a more interesting texture. Alhamdulillah, the products have won prestigious awards on the international level. ”

An award is enough to encourage the society to love their cultural heritage, and pass it on to the next generation. The award is the World Crafts Council (WCC) Award of Excellence for Handicrafts. 2018 – East Asia Sub-Region.

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