Creating Excellent Human Resources, Tel-U Collaborates with 3 Countries in Education Sector

Webinar TelU 3

BANDUNG, Telkom University – Welcoming the 7th anniversary of Telkom University, Telkom University (Tel-U) through the Directorate of Cooperation & International Affairs Office held a webinar involving Ambassadors (Ambassadors) from 3 countries including South Africa, Vietnam, and Ukraine. Entitled “Establishing International Higher Education Cooperation in creating Superior Human Resources.” This event took place online through Zoom Meeting on Monday (10/8).

Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to South Africa, Republic of Botswana, Kingdom of Eswatini, and the Kingdom of Lesotho, H.E. Salman Al Farisi explained that collaboration between countries is essential, especially in the world of education, because in Africa the education sector is limited, therefore, collaboration with universities in the world especially with Indonesia can be realized.

“Here, cooperation in the field of education with Indonesia is still limited, We hope this will be a great opportunity for Telkom University to develop various sectors in Africa through innovations at Telkom University.” He said.

In Africa, Salman added that the ICT sector is still very minimal, even less so compared to Indonesia, and the challenge is that telecommunications in Africa are limited.

“Under current conditions, it requires us to develop the world of telecommunications to help the teaching and learning process. Therefore, through the communication capacity of Telkom University, we expect that Tel-U can assist the ICT sector development in Africa.” He explained.

In line with Salman Al Farisi, Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, H.E. Ibnu Hadi explained that cooperation in the world of education is essential to create outstanding human resources from each country.

“We are happy to facilitate cooperation between Telkom University and Vietnam, both in cooperation with industry and in the education sector. Between Indonesia and Vietnam are more or less the same from several sectors, there are several universities based on telecommunications such as Telkom University.” He said.

To open cooperation in the world of education in Indonesia internationally, the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia LBBP to Ukraine, Georgia, and Armenia, H.E. Prof. Dr. Yuddy Chrisnandi invited more Indonesian students to study in Ukraine.

“There have been many universities in Indonesia that have collaborated with Ukraine, both student exchange and teaching staff, or Indonesian studying here, We hope there are students from Telkom University who study in Ukraine.” He said.


Rector of Telkom University Prof. Adiwijaya said, through this event, Tel-U will continue to encourage international cooperation, both universities and with the industry at large, to create outstanding human resources between countries.

“Currently, we live in a global world that has no boundaries. We can get information from anywhere. Therefore, opening opportunities for international cooperation is the most important thing at Tel-U. It is to foster innovations created for the Indonesian nation. and the world. ” He said.

Furthermore, Prof. Adiwijaya added that innovation without collaboration would be challenging to occur because ideas generated from higher education institutions without the help of industry and government will be hard to produce innovations that are beneficial to society.

“Therefore, in welcoming the 7th anniversary of Telkom University on August 14, 2020, we hold this event to collaborate with foreign governments in building human resources together, because producing superior human resources for Indonesia is a form of our contribution to the nation. ” He explained.