18 Jul 2020

Developing Digi health for Health Services in Indonesia

BANDUNG, Telkom University – Nowadays, the development of information technology demands all sectors of the industry must carry out a transformation towards digital, including health services. Along with the development of ICT, Health services must transform towards digital-based intelligent services.

Smart Health Society – the Indonesian Smart Initiative Association (SHS-APIC) and IndoHCF (Indonesia Health Care Forum) organized a webinar entitled Digihealth: The Future of Indonesian Health Services. This event conducted through Zoom and broadcast live on Youtube Channel IndoHCF, Saturday (7/18).

  1. Supriyantoro, the Chairperson of the SHS API explained that the experts would discuss how the development of the digital health world in Indonesia. Since 2005, the World Health Organization (WHO) Indonesia has been recommended regarding digital health, from developing a strategic plan to collaborating.

“Through this event, we invite all innovators to establish an integrated Health platform, especially in the face of rapid developments at this time. The Ministry of Research and Technology is a place for Indonesian innovators currently in the health field. Therefore, in the future, we can jointly develop the innovations ” He said.

Rector of Telkom University Prof. Dr. Adiwijaya shared his experiences about the implementation of Digihealth Research in university. Telkom University developed a Health application called Faskesku to help users in meeting specialist doctors but also helps users in selecting referral hospitals.

“Same as the prior telemedicine application, Faskesku application helps patients determine suitable doctors and choose hospitals. The selected hospital must have a medical record of each patient, which is the medical record through blockchain technology to maintain security from the medical records of each patient. ” He said.

Prof. Adiwijaya also added that Telkom University has a variety of Health applications that have been developed starting from Hbye, Cholme, and Myglucoby. However, all applications need further development.

“Those applications require a simple gadget such as smartphones. However, this application still needs better development to reduce the error rate. Therefore, collaboration with other innovators and medical personnel are needed.” ” He said.

Entering the industry 4.0 era, Prof. Adiwijaya said that innovation in the field of Big data, AI, Blockchain, IoT is an excellent opportunity to collaborate between IT and Health innovators.

“Today we need to open our minds, there will always be changes or shifts that are very fast both in business structure, business models, and social behavior. Therefore, innovation and learning/thinking agility are needed to be improved. If only seeing from one point of view it will be difficult for us to accelerate the development of innovation. Organizing discussions and collaborations will make it easier for us to accelerate innovation while at the same time being more efficient and minimizing risk management. ” He said.

Also present, Prasandhya Astagiri Yusuf, Ph.D. (IMERI / FKUI) on Higher Education Digihealth Innovation, and Dr. Inensa Khoirul Harap, the VII Best Health ICT IndoHCF Innovation Awards III-2019 with the title of the work: Innovation Ready to Pull.

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