14 May 2020

Discussing Global HR with HR Director

BANDUNG, Telkom University – The 100-day donation program organized by the School of Economics and Business Telkom University continues entering the 10th episode, Kiki Sudiana, Lecturer and Director of Human Resources will talk about Global HRM (Human Resource Management).

The 100-day program for Indonesia is a short online training with popular management topics. All registration fees from participants will be donated to help the needs during Covid-19.

Through this program, Kiki explains how the recruitment process in the company’s processes is international, multinational, and even transnational.

“Some differences in the recruitment process that we must know if we want to enter into a global company, and some differences in the management of human resources from various countries are based on economics, law, and culture.” He said.

In Global HRM, Kiki added that there are several values ??that global companies pay attention to in the recruitment process, namely Ethnocentric, then Polycentric, Geocentric, and Regiocentric.

“Also, we must also pay attention to differences in the management of human resources in various countries, which all include the country’s economy, applicable laws, and culture.

If you want to work in a Global company, Kiki said that we must be able to adapt to the country, learn about the culture and law of the destination country, because adapting to a country is also a concern in the recruitment process.

“Adaptation in the country we just visited, especially the things we will do for a long time, will require us to adapt quickly, especially the family adaptation for the married employee.” He explained.

Kiki said the thing that must be considered when entering a global company is to pay attention to labor regulations in a country, how a foreign worker in that country is legal.

“In addition to the existing law, we must also pay attention to the applicable taxes there, there are several countries that require foreign workers to pay taxes in that country, besides paying attention to the unions in the country, how about the unions for Indonesian citizens, find out the amount.” He said.


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