Telkom University has students, lecturers and academic staff from almost all corners of the country. An inclusive environment and diversity lead Telkom University into the public spotlight. Parents, students, and lecturers are eager to study at Telkom University. The big family of Telkom University comes from various islands, tribes and also different cultures ranging from Aceh to Papua. Telkom University students come from 33 provinces in Indonesia.

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Regional Community

A variety of student origin areas motivates a group of students to create a community. This group is to reunite students from a similar area to embrace and introduce their culture to others. Around 53 communities with a variety of activities ranging from the promotion of Telkom University in their regions until an annual art event are held to promote each region to other students.

Disability Facilities

Another vital concern is the proper facility for our disabled friends. Telkom University provides wheelchair access to lecture buildings, mosques, and other buildings for those who ride the wheelchairs. Putting the academics, students, and the guess in the comfortable atmosphere is the highest priority of us. This facility will continue to grow along based on the needs of disabled friends.


In addition to facilities for disabilities, Telkom University also pays close attention to the students with the financial limitation issue. Telkom University provides scholarship programs for eligible students who has a the talent, interest, and strong determination to study at Telkom University. The various types of scholarships given are full and partial scholarships. Scholarships are given from various internal and external parties. Internal parties usually provide scholarships to students who have competitive achievements by providing scholarships to deduct tuition fees by a certain amount according to the level of achievement. The following is a list of scholarships provided:
1. Telkom University Scholarship, a program intended for Telkom University’s new student candidates. There are several scholarship channels such as the Excellent Achievement Path (JPU), Academic Achievement Path (JPA), Best 3, etc.
2. Achievement Scholarships are scholarships intended for students who excel both academically and non-academically.
3. Anak Bangsa Scholarship (Zakatel), is a scholarship intended for students with academic achievements and financial limitations issue.
4. Employee Privilege Scholarship, is a scholarship intended for students who are employees of the Telkom Group Education Foundation.
5. OPES Scholarship, is a scholarship intended for Telkom SMK / SMA alumni students.
6. Indonesian Smart Card Scholarship (KIP College) d / h Bidikmisi, is a scholarship intended for students with financial limitation and have an Indonesian Smart Card (KIP) / underprivileged Certificate (SKTM).
7. Foreign Student Scholarship is a scholarship intended for international students.
8. Student Exchange & Joint Degree Scholarships, are scholarships intended for exchange students from other countries.
9. YPT Employee Scholarship, is a scholarship intended for employees who work under the Telkom Group Education Foundation.
10. Telkom University Alumni Postgraduate Scholarships, intended for Telkom University Alumni Undergraduate Students who continue Masters Studies at Telkom University.
11. FOJB Scholarships, which are intended for West Java students.
12. Blended Learning Scholarships, which are intended for undergraduate students who continue their Masters through the distance learning system.