04 Feb 2020

Dozens of International Tel-U Students Visit Dekranasda

BANDUNG, Telkom University – 15 Telkom University International students from 8 countries in Asia and Europe visited the West Java Regional National Crafts Council (Dekranasda Jabar), Monday (3/2).

The group led directly by the Director of Cooperation and International Office of Telkom University Lia Yuldinawati was welcomed directly by the Chairperson of the West Java Province Dekranasda Atalia Praratya Kamil.

Stating on her speech, Lia explained the purpose of the visit is to collaborate with West Java Dekranasda in the field of craft and the learning process of West Javanese culture towards international students at Telkom University.

“Through this visit, we would like to collaborate with the Dekranasda, especially in the field of learning about culture and crafts in West Java, in addition to that we also require to work together in organizing a Workshop on Art & Culture Community Service Training.” She said.

Atalia Kamil welcomed the visit of Telkom University, according to her, the understanding of culture in West Java must be preserved and passed on by the younger generation, in addition to the population of Indonesia, West Java culture is also open for learning by the entire world.

“The culture of West Java is very

rich, here I am very happy to welcome international students from Telkom University who want to learn the culture of West Java through Dekranasda, I hope this collaboration will be established soon. Therefore, we can both promote culture and crafts in West Java. ” She explained.


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