Conferences, Seminars & Fairs

With a 5 star predicate in the employability category in the world QS Star ranking, Telkom University targets to become a university with entrepreneurial and professional graduates in the world of work so that Telkom University must be responsible for quality graduates who are quickly absorbed by the industry.

Telkom University holds an annual job fair event, Career Day. The purpose of this event is to help Telkom University alumni to get their first jobs and enter the world of professional work. This event was opened for Telkom University students and the general public and was attended by several companies that can do direct recruitment.

In addition to the job fair, this event also includes sharing sessions or presentations from companies in the form of company profiles, entrepreneur talk shows, pitching competitions, participants who will take part in entrepreneurship from Telkom University students, free profiling and career counseling, seminars, and presentations on Telkom University’s S2 program.


Competition & Contest

Telkom University students play an active role in various competitions held at the national and international levels. In this competition, Tel-U students won many championships in the fields of education, research, and service/community service as follows:

Industrial Challenge 2019

  1. Huawei ICT Competition Southern Pacific 2019
  2. Paku Bumi Open VI 2019 Pencak Silat Championship
  3. Asia Pacific Deaf Futsal Championships
  4. Singapore Robotic Games 2019
  5. INCREASE (Industrial Creative Season) 2019
  6. 19th ISEEC (Industrial and System Engineering Competition)
  7. Hatsune Miku “Magical Mirai 2019” Music Competition
  8. The 3rd International Student Conference on Management and Business Studies
  9. The 2019 Asian English Olympics Broaden Your Horizon
  10. The 2019 Entrepreneur Days Canvas Competition Model
  11. 19th Industrial And System Engineering 2019 Competition (Iseec)
  12. Call For Paper Cisak 2019
  13. Singapore Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (SAUV) Challenge 2019

Preparation for students’ readiness to participate in competitions is carried out by holding competition coaching through the student activity unit (UKM) in the field of reasoning.