The Arts and Culture UKM conducts many art activities both internally and externally as a form of art appreciation and enhancing student creativity. The Arts and Culture UKM usually contains student associations from various regions of origin throughout Indonesia. In this UKM, students will learn about various cultures and exchange knowledge about the culture of their area of origin. Arts and Culture UKM Telkom University has participated in many competitions both at the national and world levels. Arts and Culture UKM in Telkom University, namely:

  1. Aceh Student Cultural Unit (UKMA)
  2. AVI Pictures
  3. Speech bubble
  4. Band
  5. Betawie
  6. Dhawa Tjap Parabola
  7. Eka Sanvadita Orkestra (ESO)
  8. Dew Art Workshop
  9. Telkom Photography
  10. Borneo
  11. Big Family of Sulawesi Students (KBMS)
  12. Bali Art of Widyacana Murti
  13. Nippon Bunka – BU
  14. Telkom University Choir (Choir)
  15. Lampung Student Association (PERMALA)
  16. Rumah Gadang
  17. Samalowa Lombok Sumbawa
  18. Sariksa Wiwaha Sunda (SAWANDA)
  19. Point Theater
  20. The Association of the Student of Riau and Riau Islands (IKRAR)
  21. Maluku and Papua Student Association (IMMAPA)
  22. Academy Archery of Telkom (ARCHATEL)