15 May 2020

Inspirational Story from CEO Net1

BANDUNG, Telkom University – Telkom University Alumni Forum organized Ramadhan Sharing, an inspiring story of alumni from Indonesia and various countries. In this 20th edition of FAST Ramadhan Sharing, Telkom University presented Andri Pranata as the Chief Executive Officer of PT Sampoerna Telekomunikasi Indonesia (Net1).

FAST Ramadhan Sharing # 20 held on Wednesday (5/13) and was attended by participants both Telkom University students and alumni. The Ramadhan Sharing was held through the Zoom application and broadcast live on Telkom University’s Youtube Channel. This program also opens donations to be distributed to the people affected by Covid-19.

In the Sharing Ramadhan, Andri shared his career journey from college to being the CEO of Net-1. Andri was 1995 alumni of Telecommunications Engineering. During college, Andri was active in student organizations on campus.

“Being organized forms important values ??that are not easily available in the lecture hall. “Collaboration, respect, creative process, leadership, decision making, science, project management, teamwork and win as a team,” he said.

In pursuing his career, Andri claimed to have passed an easy journey. He began his career by creating a digital company with friends of STT Telkom and then moved to a provider company in Indonesia. Moving from one area to another, made Andri experience culture shock.

“In one moment, when I moved from Semarang to Jakarta it was also a bit of a culture shock too. The usual family in Semarang, the time is very comfortable with the family, ladies and gentlemen, families there. I also bought a house in Semarang, suddenly moved. So, I was a bit confused, until finally amid the confusion there was an opportunity to come from Sampoerna Telecom, “he said.

At that time Sampoerna Telecom was the only telecommunications service that relied on 450MHz with 4G LTE technology so that Andri thought that Net1 Indonesia was very suitable to provide the network needed by an archipelago like Indonesia. Andri finally accepted the challenge to join Sampoerna Telecom.

Andri said that it was time he served the country through services for disadvantaged areas. During a pandemic like this now, Andri also felt sad when children who had to do study from home had difficulty getting an internet connection.

“Bismillah I accept. Even though this is still a small company and not as big as the company I worked for before, it’s okay. The important thing is we keep going forward, we have values, we have principles to help this country progress, “he said.

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