03 Sep 2020

Onboarding Welcoming Telkom University New Lecturers

ZOOM, September 1, 2020

The Directorate of Human Resources of Telkom University opened recruitments for Telkom University lecturers in 2020. This recruitment aims to support the development of Telkom University towards Research & Entrepreneurial University, Telkom University requires the addition of new lecturers who are passionate and have good integrity.

Telkom University held an online Onboarding Welcoming for New Lecturers through Zoom on Tuesday (01/09). This event was attended by prof. Dr. Adiwijaya as Telkom University, the Vice-Rectors, Directors, and Deans.

This event was opened with the submission of a report on the implementation of the 2020 Telkom University Period II Lecturer Recruitment by Ridwan Purwanadita as Head of the HR Service and Evaluation Section. Based on the recruitment quota that was opened in five faculties, namely 63 people, several selection stages were carried out consisting of administrative selection, psychological test selection, micro-teaching selection, and interview and give the offering letter.

“The total applicants for this recruitment were 867 applicants. The applicants we processed through the selection stage, 38 new lecturers were selected, “he said.

At this event, Prof. Dr. Adiwijaya delivered his remark. He said that this is one of Telkom University’s efforts to contribute to Indonesia in creating outstanding human resources.

“In the world of education, we do not only teach skills but also inspire and build morals. This is a job that is not easy, so it must be intended that we want to make our students better, want to make improvements to their quality, “he said.

Prof. Adiwijaya also added that with this recruitment, it is expected that we will be able to create well educated human resources that can be adaptive to existing conditions and can answer all the challenges needed by this nation.

Furthermore, Dr. Ir. Rina Pasaribu as Vice-Rector for Resources said about the HEI Culture at Telkom University. Telkom University has become our home so we can protect it together.

“Tel-U Core Values ??is HEI Culture; Harmony, Excellence, and Integrity. Harmony has the meaning of togetherness with keyword trust. Harmony also has good qualities for oneself and others. Excellence means knowledge, skills, and attitudes. Excellence has become the foundation in our home, namely Telkom University. Integrity means honesty, norms, and ethics are met, “he said.

In implementing the culture of Harmony, we must have trust and must have healthy competition to achieve a common vision. We can also work together to complete tasks by involving cross-related functions. All of this is done for the benefit of the institution. Whereas in the culture of Excellence, we must be committed and dedicated to work and must actively seek opportunities for personal development. Being excited and happy can also provide positive values ??in the surrounding environment. And finally, namely Integrity, we are required to be honest and obey the rules. We also have to be able to work professionally.

At this event, an introduction to the directorates at Telkom University was also carried out by the respective Directors. This event was continued with SSO Activation and Registration for new lecturers.

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