27 Nov 2019

PesonaSukabumi.com, Collaborative Tourism Promotion Media Between Tel-U and Sukabumi

Sukabumi – Again, Telkom University organized community service activities precisely in the Sukabumi tourist area. This community service is the realization of a Tel-U visit conducted a few months ago to the Jati Gede tourist area.

To promote the diverse tourism potential in the Sukabumi area, one of the teams led by Dr. ZK Abdurahman Baizal developed a website as a medium for disseminating information.

This website has the address pesonasukabumi.com which can be accessed to get information on tourist areas in Sukabumi.

This website will be managed by tourism activists led by Hidayat Asep. Before handing over the website application, Abdurahman Baizal and his team members held a training on November 25, 2019.

“We hope that, after participating in this training activity, the citizen can manage this application going forward, and can support the progress of Sukabumi tourism. The purpose of this program is to empower people to realize economic independence, especially in the tourism sector, “said Baizal.

This website development was carried out in Waluran Mandiri Village RT10 / RW02 Waluran Sukabumi District. The Tel-U team manages the website from 1 January to 31 December 2019. After the website handover, the Tel-U team will only monitor developments and support. The public is also helped by the existence of website media, the promotion of tourist areas becomes easier and can be done widely.

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