20 Oct 2020

Self-Management, Confidence, and Resilience

Bandung, Telkom University – International Class Academic Office Telkom University held a webinar entitled ‘Self-Management, Confidence and Resilience’ with the speaker Ewaldo Antonio Prospero Reis Amaral, S.E., M.M., as the Learning and Talent Management Manager at Tiket.com. This webinar was held on Saturday (17/10) through a Zoom meeting and was attended by 252 participants.

Ewaldo explained that in self-management, two main things must be done, namely setting goals and finding a mentor. Both of these things can help us to be confident and survive.

“Purpose is like a compass. When we get lost we need a compass to find our way back. The compass will show the cardinal directions and where we should walk. Just like the destination, when we are distracted, we have to remember where we are going, “he said.

Through personal goals, we will be motivated to do more to achieve these goals. So, we have to set our personal goals and motivation every morning when we wake up. In this way, there will no longer be wasted time lazing around because we already have a goal.

Ewaldo also explained that it is important for us to find a mentor who can guide us, especially when we are students. When we find the right mentor, the mentor will guide us well in achieving our personal goals.

“I think it will be good for you as students if you have mentors who are experts in their fields and know ourselves well.”Share and explore your potential and if possible, ask them for guidance,” he said.

Ewaldo advised all participants that success is not the end; failure is also not something essential. But how can we respond and keep walking through it all? By organizing this webinar, it will be able to help participants in self-management and motivate them to be confident and survive.

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