25 Apr 2020

Alumni Sharing with Ruly Achdiat

BANDUNG, Telkom University – The alumni sharing on the second day of Ramadan, there was a 91-year Electrical Engineering alumnus, named Ruly Achdiat, an Architect at TIBCO Software United Kingdom.

The sharing event held on Saturday (25/4) with the title “Working While Maintaining Ethics of Professionalism and Social Responsibility”. Ruly briefly explores about being a student at Telkom University (STT Telkom at the time).

Ruly recalled how he was the vice-chairman of the student senate, and that was the forerunner of the first student senate on the campus of Telkom University (STT Telkom).

“In 92, I joined the vice-chairman of the student senate, in addition to the student senate I also had joined and formed a campus magazine (Podium), a journalistic community and a campus radio (Revolta). He said.

In late 1995, Ruly added that she could finally finish her college and undergo a thesis trial until finally graduation in 1996.

“At that time graduation only took place twice a year, and after graduating I immediately joined in becoming an employee of Divsisfo Bandung located at Telkom Japati. In 1997 I joined the election National Task Force as a secretary where the current chairman was Indra Utoyo and his deputy Arief Yahya. “He explained.

In addition to the election task force in 97, Ruly returned to participate in social activities by joining the election guard community in 2014 and 2019, and in 2020 Ruly added that she was incorporated in the COVID-19 escort community.

“All the social activities that I take part based on my volunteerism because I believe I have the skills there, the skills in processing and maintaining data.” He said.

In this sharing, Ruly advised the students and invited Telkom University alumni to work together professionally in the world of work, break the hoax chain, and always avoid conflict of interest.

“To Tel-U students who will enter the workforce, follow your passion, deepen the skills you have, and especially you must have specific and detailed skills, if your skills are in IT, what specific IT should be.” He said.


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