09 Nov 2018

Tel-U Garbage Bank Won Business Competition

BANDUNG, Telkom University – 2018 National and Business Competition Seminar which was attended by Telkom University (Tel-U) team gave a good result, Tel-U team consisting of Rizqi Prima Hariadhy, Alif Shofa danutirta and Thio Fauzi from the 2016 Information System Study Program won 2nd place in the competition that took place in Brawijaya University, Malang 2 – 3 November 2018.

Alif explained that the business concept he made with the team was a development of the previous business plan that they had designed about the Garbage Bank.

“So we connect garbage banks with their customers, namely the general public, especially the millenials, what is attractive about our product is the form of exchanging the garbage is not cash money, but vouchers that can be exchanged for products to various other digital products such as e-commerce and so on “He said.

In the competition which was attended by approximately 24 teams from all over Indonesia, 5 teams were selected to the final round namely Tel-U team, 2 teams from UB (Universitas Brawijaya), IPB team (Bogor Agricultural Institute) and Widyatama University team.

Through the concept of garbage bank Alif hopes to be able to help manage garbage problems in Indonesia.

“We hope that this concept will spread throughout Indonesia, so we divide this business development into 3 terms and the plan for the first term will begin in January.” He said.


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